Sunday, 15 May 2011

post party

Isabelle and 7 friends enjoyed making pasta at the Cambridge Cookery School. It was brilliant - over 2 hours they made pasta, sauce, chocolate moose, decorated a cake and the ate it all. It was the calmest party ever.  Then we came home and had a BBQ with family with a cake i had made - what a fab weekend.
The rainbow cake was terribly easy to make. I bought some paste food colouring (the stuff crammed with e-numbers and warnings about hyperactivity - but it is only once a year right :) ). Then I made 5 different mixtures each with the Hugh F-W approach to sponge cakes (weigh the egg in its shell and use this weight to give you quanities of butter/SR flour and sugar). I then added the food paste (and then added a bit more to make it really lurid) The mixture went in a base lined cake tin in the oven for 15 mins at 150 (fan).  The yellow food dye made the sponge sticky and so I had to be careful when I turned it out from the tin and when it was on the cooling rack, but I didn't have the same problems with the other colours). The multiple layers and top where joinned and finished with a buttercream icing.

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  1. Wow, that looks fabulous. And you made a rainbow cake - you've trumped me already! Really it looks amazing - hope you had a lovely day and Isabelle must have loved it!