Sunday, 31 July 2011

Bristol Zoo

The day post wedding we met up with the bride and groom and their 2 beautiful children and went to Bristol Zoo for the afternoon. I love Bristol zoo because it is not too large - you feel you can get your money's worth before the small children get fed up with yet another animal.
This year to celebrate the zoo's 175th anniversary, artists have decorated life-size gorillas and they have been placed around the city for 10 weeks until the 7th September5. We found 6 of them! I would love to go back and hunt for the other!
The highlight of the visit for the girls was a replica lion that wees - E thought that was the best thing ever! I loved the lions, the walk through lemur enclosure, the penguins and the armadillo.  Other highlights included the (busy) kids play area and Splash! (a water-play area). The older 2 and Daddy loved the highwire course - suitable for over (brave) 5s - although there is an additional charge for this. All in all it was a great day out!

I suppose it is a bit expensive (but I find anything with animals is expensive) and some things could do with a lick of paint! But overall the animals looked happy and had nice enclosures (for a zoo).

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