Friday, 2 December 2011

Fail to make a snow globe and read a lovely story

Today's challenge was to make a snow globe ... I had an empty baby food jar, a small Christmas decoration, some glitter, some glycerol, some superglue and some sealant.  I quickly realised this was not one for the children (or even me). It was far to complicated ... and the superglue wasn't super enough and the sealant was too tricky to get round the lid of the jam jar ... so in all in all a disaster.  I won't do it again!

So instead we read Mog's Christmas.
There is a bit when Mr Thomas brings home the tree and Mog doesn't like which makes E and me laugh and laugh - I guess because we can totally imagine our cats thinking that!

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  1. You made me laugh. I had the exact same idea - to make a snow globe. My daughter and I searched high and low for glycerine which was not to be found and then we went hunting for a suitable plastic toy. While looking for the toy we came across heaps of cheap snow globes, I suggested we just buy one instead of making one and she agreed. I think even she knew it was just all too hard. We love Mog's Christmas in my house, it was my partner's book as a boy and he brought it with him when he migrated to Australia when he was 8 so it is much loved.