Saturday, 14 December 2013

On the 14th day of Christmas E had a birthday

Today is E's birthday. Her favourite colour is black, her favourite animal is a monkey, her favourite pudding is apple crumble and she is not sure what she wants to be when she is older. We are having fish and chips for tea tonight at her request!

We went to the Corn Exchange to see What the Ladybird Heard for E's birthday treat.   I enjoyed it very much and they had closely followed the illustrations to help make the set. The cast were very talented, all playing musical instruments to add to the backing tracks. The songs were great and the audience joined in in some which of course was great fun. I also liked how they did the ladybird - that was clever.  However, in order to pad out the story they had planted 2 actors in the audience and then pretended to look for actors for their play and this was a bit lost of my 2! However, the girls enjoyed it and came out singing the songs!

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