Thursday, 6 December 2018

Day 6 - St Nicholas' Day

The day started badly with G's knee sore and E having been sick in the night, but the other 2 were delighted to find chocolate in their shoe!
Apart from Grace's knee which is still sore, everyone is feeling happier this evening and there is not much chocolate left!

Day 5 - The Snowman

The girls enjoyed a snowman biscuit from Biscuiteers which they all thought was delicious but not worth the money.
Then E, P and myself went to London after school to watch the rather lovely Snowman Ballet. The first half is the best, closely following the animated version, with the flying scene magically. P was delighted to see Father Christmas in the second half!

Image result for the snowman ballet

Day 4 - Write Christmas cards

P was very excited to write cards to her class and add in chocolate coins! E is less interested and G has them all Christmas presents instead!

Day 3 - Write Christmas lists

Here they are:

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Day 2 - baking biscuits

Today P, E and myself went to the Cambridge Cookery school for one of their Parent/Child Swedish bakery courses where we cooked Uncle’s Cigars, Jitterbugs, Dreams and Lingonberry cake. It was so well organised and best of all was someone to do the clearing up afterwards!
The things we made were delicious, especially the Jitterbugs - an unusual combination of biscuit dough and meringue.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Day 1 - Mill Road Winter Fair and decorating the living room.

I went the Mill Road fair and brought lots of yummy goodies to share including gingerbread trees and 3 brownies of different flavours.

 The girls then set up the Christmas decorations.
 And they got some christmas chocolate.
I also caved into pressure and bought a chocolate advent calendar for each child, as well as one Poppy made at school full of good turns and 3 picture calendars and our challenge calendar!

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Winterlights 2018

We went to the Winter Lights 2018 at Anglesey abbey, having booked tickets in July this year. As always, the silver birches were a highlight.
 There was a lot more colour changing lights this year.

 The fire dancers were very impressive.

 The lode looked beautiful.