Sunday, 21 October 2012

Roald Dahl themed 8th birthday party

Today was G's party. We hired a room and I planned activities for weeks.

To invite the children I bought chocolate bars and re-wraped them with a gold ticket in the inside containing the party details.

Then today when they arrived they had a selection of different activities to do.

(1) They made chocolate lollipops and decorated them with sprinkles.
(2) They tested different chocolate.
(3) They made Formula 86 Delayed Action Mouse-Maker sweets (using sugar dough)
(4) They caught dreams like the BFG (they painted jam jars with glow in the dark paints)
(5) They made Mr Twit's beard by sticking on felt and cornflakes to fake beards I bought from Amazon. They also put red and yellow paint.
(6) They made enormous crocodile bookmarks from green foam.

Then we played some games:
(1) Pass the parcel
(2) The chocolate eating game where if you throw a 6 you don scarf, hat and gloves and then using a knife and fork eat as much chocolate as you can.
(3) Helped the Fantastic Foxes escape Boggis, Bunce and Bean by passing balloons under and over each other.
(4) Had a quiz on the books.
(5) Played musical statues (as the foxes escaping the farmers)

And then we fed the kids lots of sweets and cake :).

 All in all it was a success! Although some of the stuff was hard to transport home as it didn't really have time to dry/set! Never mind!!!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Apple Printing

P enjoyed printing with apples today. We cut one in half that we found in our garden. She enjoyed painting on it and pressing it on the paper. It was also good for learning about texture.  We talked about colours and patterns.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Magic Chocolate

In preparation for a birthday party we are hosting next week I thought I would try some magic chocolate so see if could be of any use for the party. I bought a pack from HobbyCraft and let E and G try some.

It was a disaster. It wasn't easy to mould with the warmth of hands. I had to warm it up slightly in the microwave and even with that it was hard to mould.

When the girls had made something with their bits I let them eat it. It tasted horrid! It didn't taste or feel like chocolate.

We are not going to use it!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Today you are 8 G

Today lovely G you are 8. You enjoyed a day out with Daddy and Miss I at Grafham water ( where you tried lots of different sports. You didn't like climbing but you did like all the water things including driving a powerboat. 

At home you opened your presents. You got Skylanders, Harry Potter Lego castle, a remote control car and a science set.  Although, you didn't get any of your birthday cake Amy made for you because you got too tired and stropped off :).

You are so competitive - you like to the be the best at everything and can be quite grumpy if you get beaten! Your favourite subject at school is Numeracy and you have just started learning the piano. You are still very much a Tomboy and don’t' like dresses and pink. You are very fussy about clothes and have about 2 things you wear all the time :). You love P and would do anything for her, although you find E an annoying little sister. You are so good with the chickens and in fact love all animals. You would love a dog. You enjoy going for walks and often find creepy crawlies. Your favourite story is The Hobbit. You make us laugh so much and you are kind, generous and have the most infectious laugh!


Here are the cakes you took to school as I have failed to take any other photos: