Sunday, 21 October 2012

Roald Dahl themed 8th birthday party

Today was G's party. We hired a room and I planned activities for weeks.

To invite the children I bought chocolate bars and re-wraped them with a gold ticket in the inside containing the party details.

Then today when they arrived they had a selection of different activities to do.

(1) They made chocolate lollipops and decorated them with sprinkles.
(2) They tested different chocolate.
(3) They made Formula 86 Delayed Action Mouse-Maker sweets (using sugar dough)
(4) They caught dreams like the BFG (they painted jam jars with glow in the dark paints)
(5) They made Mr Twit's beard by sticking on felt and cornflakes to fake beards I bought from Amazon. They also put red and yellow paint.
(6) They made enormous crocodile bookmarks from green foam.

Then we played some games:
(1) Pass the parcel
(2) The chocolate eating game where if you throw a 6 you don scarf, hat and gloves and then using a knife and fork eat as much chocolate as you can.
(3) Helped the Fantastic Foxes escape Boggis, Bunce and Bean by passing balloons under and over each other.
(4) Had a quiz on the books.
(5) Played musical statues (as the foxes escaping the farmers)

And then we fed the kids lots of sweets and cake :).

 All in all it was a success! Although some of the stuff was hard to transport home as it didn't really have time to dry/set! Never mind!!!


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  3. Great ideas!!! I'm in the process of planning a road Dahl party for a 6 year old :)