Saturday, 12 May 2012

Pigs and Parties

So many exciting things happened today. For I's birthday we decided to get some guinea pigs so today we went to Woodgreen ( - a rescue centre to see if they had any we could adopted. We found Doodoo (to be renamed) and Dash - 2 males and we have reserved them We have all had cuddles - even the husband who isn't that keen. G held dash and true to his name he lept off her lap and escaped! Lucky the lady caught him and didn't think we were that unsuitable!  No photos yet - but hopefully lots when they arrive! Now just to find and buy a cage and run.

Then later on Miss I had her 10th birthday party. We went to Lush ( The girls started off playing party games with various products - throw the bath bomb and how much glitter can you rub over yourself. Then they made a bath bomb. As part of the package the girls got £10 to spend which they all thought was brill! They all had a fab time and the staff who ran the party were excellent with the girls. Tim made the most amazing cake (a giant cupcake and everyone went "WOW thats amazing") - so all in all a very successful party. The only slight issue was that you had to buy a £45 pound box of stuff for the birthday girl when she would have been quite happy wiht the £10 she spent! We now have more lush stuff than we know what to do with and since it smells sickly I hope we use it up quickly.

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