Sunday, 26 August 2012

100 things to achieve before 2013,

 SO at the start of the year I set myself a list of things I would like to achieve ... some I failed at in January and others I have yet to do! Those I have done are crossed out and those I have failed at I have highlighted in yellow. There are more to do ......
1.       Read the bible every day - have failed although I am trying to do it a few tines a week

2.       Finish my psychology degree

3.       Make an effort to see friends once a month

4.       Run at least once a week - hurt my leg and failed at this early on but am going to try and get back in to this

5.       Run 10k

6.       Row at least 9K 4 times a week

7.       Play with each of the children for at least 15 minutes most weekends - I feel quite sad I can't achieve this but I so often have P with me I rarely play with someone without P.

8.       Read 12 (adult) books

9.       Have other people’s children over to play at least 12 times

10.   Grow some tomatoes - too wet

11.   Make some sloe gin

12.   Make some elderflower cordial - was too wet when it was time to pick the elderflowers

13.   Make a Christmas cake

14.   Make a Christmas pudding

15.   Learn to mend a bike puncture

16.   Have a riding lesson

17.   Clean the windows

18.   Paint a wall

19.   Watch some rowing at the Olympics

20.   Look at the snowdrops at Anglesey abbey

21.   See the lambing at Wimpole

22.   Go to the science festival

23.   Not be late to a child’s extra curricula activity 2 times in a row

24.   Go on a course about assessment

25.   Go to the pub with Tim

26.   Hold a murder mystery night

27.   Knit a doll’s blanket

28.   Go to Northumberland

29.   Drink 12 different types of wine and keep notes

30.   Go to Yo Sushi!

31.   Watch a Shakespeare in a college garden - too rainy and too busy watching the Olympics

32.   Walk more than 12 miles in a single journey

33.   Learn to make choux pastry

34.   Go on a photography course

35.   Make a book with photos taken

36.   Blog once a week

37.   Have more structured time (at least 20 minutes sat and sun) with the girls

38.   Go ice-skating

39.   Visit 3 new national trust places

40.   Go to a concert

41.   Go out for lunch with just my mother

42.   Drive tim’s car once

43.   Learn to check the car tyre pressure

44.   Learn to re-fill the car’s washer fluid level

45.   Have a day out in London with the family

46.   Go punting

47.   Go bowling with the family

48.   Have a bbq

49.   Visit a castle

50.   Get to and maintain weight to [women's]  lightweight rower level

51.   Finish sorting out playroom

52.   Go on a family walk at least 6 times a year

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