Sunday, 3 March 2013

Coton walk

Today we cycled to Coton (it is really easy with very little road riding) and walked around the nature reserve. It was lovely, with very few people around - although there was the load hum of the M11.  We printed the map from the Visitor Guide and got out 2 older girls to navigate. It was a lovely 3 and a bit mile walk (and we didn't get lost once!!!)

The paths were wide and easy to get a pushchair down (although some of the walking is on wide grass field boundaries)

 There was lots of evidence of wildlife....
 and sticks to collect ...
 and general things to point out along the way!

This is the view from the "top" of Red Meadow Hill. We enjoyed finding Cambridge landmarks such as the UL, King's and Addenbrookes:

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