Sunday, 5 May 2013

Badminton 2013

Today we took the girls to Badminton International Horse trials near Bristol which was about a 3 hour drive from Cambridge plus then an hour crawling through Badminton Village to get to the car park. We had pre-bought tickets and a carpark pass - although children under 12 are free.

The weather was glorious and as we went on cross-country day we wondered all around the course admiring the riders as they made the enormous jumps look easy. We took a picnic (although there are numerous food places there as well)

and found a space by the side of a gallop stretch to  eat it. the jumps were busier but if you waited people quickly moved on so you could get close (and the girls could see) - with the exception of the famous water jump - although we watched several horses from the other side which was fine!

It was such fun and the girls loved it (not so sure about the husband). I loved seeing all the jumps I had for long watched on tele! There is also lots of shopping to do although we didn't!

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