Thursday, 18 December 2014

December 18th - Make Chrsitmas tree decorations

Today the elf wrote a message:

We then made White Clay to make Christmas tree decorations:

1 cup bicarbonate of soda
1/2  cup corn flour
3/4 cup warm water

G mixed all the ingredients into a pan and warmed them through on a moderate heat, stirring regularly. Soon it resembled mashed potatoes and then play dough. We turned off the heat andput it on the work top to cool slightly. When we could touch it,we kneaded it and then it was ready to start rolling and cutting!( Don’t leave it for too long as it is a naturally air-drying clay and will become a little crumbly).

G and P used cutters to make their shapes and decorated them with sequins. We left them to harden over night.

E, I and myself went to watch the ENB's version of the Nutcracker... which was delightful and Christmas but sadly lacking the amazing scenery of last year's ROH version. 

We read the The Tomtes' Christmas Porridge Product Details  which has a lovely story,and beautiful detailed illustrations describing how Papa tomte wants is to be thanked on Christmas Eve with an offering of porridge.

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