Thursday, 23 July 2015

Styrofoam Printing

First the girls drew a picture on the thin paper first. (This step is optional, but it means you can draw the a few different images before choosing which one you want to print. It also makes it easier for younger children to transfer their image to the styrofoam.)
Then we traced the drawing with a pencil (which we used), a biro, with the pointy end of a paint brush or a chopstick or something. Then we took the paper off and went over the design again to ensure the lines went deep enough.
 Then we squeezed some printing ink onto a baking tray and spread it around with the brayer. Once the brayer was coated with an even layer of ink, we rolled it over the styrofoam drawing.
Carefully we positioned the styrofoam on a plain cotton tea-towel (paper or card could also be used) and we rubbed over the styrofoam to help transfer the design. We printed it four times.

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