Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Corndon Hill/ Mitchell’s Fold stone circle and Powis Castle

Today we enjoyed a spectacular walk up Cordon hill which at 513 m offers amazing views and is on the border of England and Wales.

We also visited the Mitchell’s Fold stone circle which once consisted of some 30 stones, 15 of which are still visible. The girls were less impressed but considering it is over 3,000 years ago it is quite amazing! Legend suggests that during a time of famine, a fairy gave a magic cow that provided an endless supply of milk. One night an evil witch milked her into a sieve. When the cow realised the trick, she disappeared. The witch was turned to stone and a circle of stones was erected around her, to ensure that she could not escape.
 We then had a quick tour of Powis Castle (not realizing it closed an hour after we got there).  Inside was quite amazing - we really enjoyed viewing the medieval staircase, the book of hours, a 15 century illuminate, and the amazing yew topiary.

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