Sunday, 29 November 2015

Printing Christmas Cards

Today each of the girls designed and printed Christmas cards.  I cut some pre-bought (from Amazon) styrofoam sheets to make them smaller than the cards.  Then the girls drew their design on the sheet with a felt tip pen and when they were happy we used a pencil to create a relief drawing.  The print will only stick to the surface of the styrofoam that is not basically does a reverse of how you draw it. (We avoided words for this reason).

We then added some printing ink to a baking sheet and used a roller to add the ink to the Styrofoam block and then we printed.

We found simple designs were most effective!  G was brilliant and her robin and deer designs were amazing.  I came up with a present design which looks very modern.  G and E both did Baubles.  P also tried a snowman but it wasn't as effective!  

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