Friday, 1 July 2016

Review of our June to do list

On the June to do list was:
  • Do 30 wild things
Ok we didn't get out as much as I wanted/hoped but it was kind of hard with a child who can't walk and the weather was so wet! But we gave it our best shot and the girls enjoyed it!  Favourite things included the owl pellets, hunting for slugs and snails and butterfly biscuit making.
  •  Do some nature based crafts
The girls made insects and painted their salt dough animals.
  •  Celebrate the Queen's birthday
We had a garden party with a few select friends and had a proper afternoon tea with scones. finger sandwiches and crown making!
  • Celebrate Father's Day 
The girls made some cards and gave him some chocolates and he went out for a cycle ride with I.

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