Thursday, 4 January 2018

Beamish museum

On our drive home we stopped at the Beamish museum.  Beamish is a world famous open air museum, telling the story of life in the North East of England  from a Georgian Manor House to Pit Village, and Edwardian town to a WW2 era Land Girls farm. They are undertaking building work at the moment as they expend to include a 1950s town. The whole venue is connected by transport from the era, with trams and buses all free to board, though it can be quicker to walk from place to place!

The girls and the husband enjoyed traditionally fried fish and chips cooked in beef dripping over coal fires.
We then enjoyed looking round the pit villiage, seeing the pit ponies and visitingthe coal seam itself - a short walk through tunnels where we had to bend down.

We also liked the Edwardian town where the girls enjoyed buying sweets and cakes. We also went on the (short) steam train ride and enjoyed seeing the animals at the farm! 

This really has a lot to offer the whole family - the smaller girls enjoyed buying sweets and seeing the animals and I loved the houses and the Co-op shop as well as being amazed at how dark the 1820s Pockerley manor house was!

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