Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Postal Museum, Museum of London and theatre trip

P, E and mysellf enjoyed a wet day in London. First stop was the Postal Museum which was on out bucket list. We did prebook which is recommended, although they say you can turn up on the day and try your luck. 
The Mail Rail Ride was the highlight of our trip. The track was closed in 2003 and has been well preserved and maintained. The carriages originally only carried mail and has since been converted to carry people along a mile stretch along the London network. The underground ride is approximately 15 minutes and to those who are claustrophobic, this might sound like a long time to be cramped in such a small space. But exploring the old tracks and passing through the disused stations was a real thrill and on the way we learned about the journey of a letter from writer to recipient and the history of this special part of our postal heritage via videos projected on to the walls of stations.

We then visited the main part of the museum which is so child friendly! The exhibition covers 500 years of history: everything from the origins of the post, stamps and the mail service, to the two world wars, popular culture influenced by the Royal Mail and quirks like the now forgotten rural post-buses that would deliver people as well letters to their destination.
 As we left the postal museum it began to rain. Then followed the loudest thunder ever and we were left looking like drowned rats!
 We hid from the rain in the free Museum of London. It is one of the world’s biggest urban history museums, and holds over two million objects in its collection and holds the largest archaeological archive in Europe.
 I really enjoyed their exhibition on the suffragettes.I don't think I would have been able to endure what they did.
We then went to the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre to watch their production of Peter Pan - lucky the rain had stopped! We ate from their grill which is cheaper if prebooked! The girls really liked their dinner.
The theatre production itself was fab!

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