Wednesday, 27 July 2011

colouring and other downloadable fun

The girls were arguing, it was raining ... what to do for some peace and quiet? - ahh haa colouring! Great for developing fine motor skills -  those small muscle movements that occur in the finger, in coordination with the eyes which are essential for writing (and eating and dressing one's self etc). It was interesting to note E has started to hold the pens in the tripod grip - I have bought triangular felt tips to help with this! but as yet doesn't colour in the lines.

There are lots of free printables to use. Here are some favourites:

lots of favorite TV/film characters etc

cbeebies colouring

more grown up animal colouring

G favourite Starwars colouring in

Mandala colouring in 

All kinds of different book related activity sheets from Walker books

More book activity sheets from Ladybird books

Book plates to colour in based on different authors

The Wimpy kid activity pack is fun if you are a fan

Scroll down for Beatrix Potter character colouring in

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