Friday, 15 July 2011

Window crayons

Inspired by this post ( I bought some window crayons from Amazon. The girls loved them and spend a merry 3/4 of an hour writing and drawing on the playroom window. I then spent about an hour cleaning the window - they do come off but if you are house proud these are probably not for you as the window is still a little smeary... but it is great for fine motor development. Writing in unusual places was defiantly motivating for the girls - I think this would be a great way to practise spelling.


  1. Lovely pics, glad you enjoyed! Not sure if you have the same crayons as me but I found them pretty easy to remove. I used baby wipes to remove all the crayon drawings and then a squirt of vinegar with a mircofibre cloth to polish the windows after and it took hardly any time at all. Hope that helps next time!

  2. I have let them lose again with them .. so will try the baby wibes later :)