Saturday, 23 July 2011

Our 1st camping trip

To celebrate my cousins' 18th, 18th and 21st's, they had party in Dorset. So post-party we stayed here - to remind myself why I dislike camping). We hired a soulpad - a pre-erected huge tent. The owners were very friendly; they came round in the evening to ask how the party had gone and brought the kids glo-sticks. Most people were quiet by 11pm (there is a 11pm - 9am quiet time); except the tent near us were talking to about 2am and our girls were up by 7am. In the morning, the girls had a fab time exploring the lakes and woods - finding fairy dens, climbing trees, crossing bridges and loved the freedom to go and explore. The downsides - I hate campsites loos and showers and P didn't sleep so well

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