Sunday, 8 May 2011

I am just looking ... I won't touch

says Little Miss E as she looks lovingly at the cakes we have just baked.  I catch her guility moving her finger off the cake - no will power that child. "I'm just trying the icing Mummy" she tells me, "Umm quite good!". I have moved them further back on the worktop. Miss I has made Smartie Cookies (from to take into school to celebrate her birthday. We deviated from the recipe slightly because we added the smarties as we mixed the dough up so now they can't be seen ... plus we made them too big and they spread massively in the oven - still live and learn :). Having sampled one they also came out slightly too dry -  oh well I will have to have another go.Then to take to my friend's I whipped up a wholemeal orange cake with Earl Grey icing - looks yummy!

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