Tuesday, 10 May 2011

WOW - I have a 9 year old

It doesn't seem two minutes ago since my lovely Isabelle was a new born baby - I remember looking at her and saying to her I will never get cross with you ever .. Humm well I failed with that one! And now she is 9 - life really does speed up when you have children. Well to celebrate she went off to school with her rainbow cookies, but she said "the class couldn't sing happy birthday to me because the inspectors are in and people might get silly so I will have a special day on Thursday". MJ came down and we went to dinner at Wagamamas!
Isabelle's favourtie colour is purple (I might have said pink!)
Her favourtie book is ... "humm I can't decide lots of books - I like the mysterious Benedict society (current read) ).
Her favorite food is roast potatoes.
She likes to read.
Her best subject at school is history.
She is good at maths and English.
Her friends are Gabby, Olivia and Tom.
She doesn't like having her hair brushed.
She is not good at times tables.


  1. Happy Birthday to I and welcome to the world of blogging - it's a very happy place to be! My parents live not far from Cambridge so it's great that you've started this blog. It also looks like your household is even busier than mine! I look forward to reading about your adventures. Catherine

  2. thanks... I won't be as good as yours but it is a start :)