Monday, 2 April 2012

Blossom and eggs

This morning we met up with some friends at the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge which is fantastic for 3 reasons. (1) the grounds are beautiful, (2) you only pay per adult and at £4.50 it is very reasonable and (3) they have a super cafe. The girls enjoyed running round the grass, climbing on trees, picking up stones and looking at the hothouses.

Then we came home and made Easter egg shaped biscuits.

We combined 170g of butter with 200g of caster sugar. Then we added 2 eggs and 250g of plain flour with a teaspoon of vanilla extract and mixed until it formed a combined dough. Then we separated it into 3 balls and coloured them with 3 different coloured pastes (we used yellow, red and blue). We then mixed them altogether and made small ball (easter egg) shapes. G then rolled the edges in multicoloured sprinkles. The cookies were then baked in a lined baking tray for about 12 minutes at 170oC.  They tasted yummy and looked great - although next time I will somehow try and keep the colours separate; maybe we could try rolling the 3 doughs into 1 long line and wrapping them round each other in a snail shell and then cutting circles from that?

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