Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Lambs at Wimpole

Today we went for the annual go and see the lambs at Wimpole farm http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/wimpole). They have numerous pregnant ewes; so it is possible to actually watch a lamb being born (although in many years I think we have only seen it once) and then you can get close to mums and their new borns. This is a National Trust venue, although it does charge extra for members to visit the farm and is part of the Myfarm project. It is a bit of walk from the car park to the farm, especially for P who insists on walking most places. Eventually, when we got there we saw chicks, cows, the lambs (of course), noisy pigs, a horse being shod and wabbits (as P likes to call them). The new piggery has made such a difference in terms of making the venue more accessible to children. They also have several met the animal events over the course of the day. The girls favourite is the donkey grooming one.  We enjoyed lunch there (standard good quality NT fare) of hot dogs (and we discussed if they were made from pigs at the farm) and ice-cream. Then the girls enjoyed a play at the adventure playground; although I do feel G is coming to the end of being able to enjoy it. She enjoyed the trim trail and the tire swing the most; where as E is just the right age for everything. It is not huge and can be done in about 3 hours, leaving, if you wish, plenty of time to walk on the rest of the estate or explore the house (which we have never done!!!).

We went home with sticks the girls had collected and spend the car journey home casting magic spells with - so we got out the acrylic paint and turned them in to wands.

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