Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sutton Hoo

Today we went to stay with a friend and we visited Sutton Hoo. It is an amazing National Trust place near Woodbridge, Suffolk.  It is believed to be the site of burial site of Anglo-Saxon king. It was excavated in 1937 by a Suffolk archaeologist, Basil Brown, who found a ship ,containing a burial chamber with a collection of magnificent objects – gold and silver brooches and dishes, the sword of state, drinking horns and a lyre.  Most of the principal items are now permanently on display at the British Museum but one can see the magnificent mounds and enjoy a (child friendly) exhibition about what life may have been like in Anglo-Saxon times including a full-size reconstruction of the burial chamber and stunning replica treasures. Also they had Anglo-Saxon dressing up! We also enjoyed visiting the house of the lady who originally owned the land and employed Basil Brown. It is a beautiful 1930s house and what made it so fun was you could play on the piano, sit on the chairs and write at the desk! Defiantly a place to go back to!

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