Thursday, 18 July 2013

Wipple museum and Romeo and Juliette

Yesterday I took the girls to the Wipple museum which is a fascinating
collection of scientific instruments and models, dating from the Middle Ages to the present. I thought the girls might find it boring but they loved going round trying to work out what things were for. It covers all aspects of science from medical instruments, to astrolabes, to compasses and pocket watches. On the second floor is a recreation of a Victorian Parlour with reproduction toys of that era which the girls loved playing with and dressing up.  Sadly it is open Monday to Friday 12.30-4.30 but it is well worth a visit.

Then I, G and myself went to watch Romeo and Juliette as part of the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival. They are held outdoors in college gardens which adds to the grandeur of the event. It was brilliant - we laughed and G had a tear in her eye at the end!  Well worth going to.

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