Thursday, 18 July 2013

Wonka fun - playdough and popcakes

Today we started off making sweets with Playdough - we made custard, cocoa, mint and Ribena smelling dough. An idea blatantly plagiarised from the imagination tree. The girls enjoyed rolling, squashing and smelling!  They found sequins, buttons, lollypop sticks and cupcases to play with. P enjoyed practising her knife skills to cut her rolls into sweets and G enjoyed coming up with names for them.

Then we made cake pops - i am sure Mr Wonka would be a fan!  First G made a chocolate Victoria Sponge. In the Kitchen Aid we mixed together 175b unsalted butter until it was soft. then we added 175g caster sugar and mixed that up. Then we added 3 eggs followed by 150g self-raising flour and 25g cocoa. This was baked in a square tin for about 25 minutes at 180oC

 Then the girls enjoyed breaking up the cooled cake into a bowl and combining it with frosting (about 60g butter and 160g icing sugar and 30g cocoa powder)
 Then we rolled them into balls (very messy) and added lollypop sticks dipped in white chocolate and pushed them in about half way. They were left in the freezer for an hour
 Then we melted 200g white chocolate with a tablespoon of oil and dipped the balls in. Remember to tap off the excess chocolate. The girls added sprinkled.

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