Friday, 3 January 2014

London day out

 First we went to the British Museum - next time I must research a few things to see because the kids got bored quickly and also asked questions I couldn't answer!  It was busy so trying to read descriptions of things was hard. They liked the Mummies though and the gold coins found in Britain. 
 Then we went to see the Snowman Ballet - it was fab. P loved the flying the snowman - was he really flying Mummy she asked?  And the ballerina - I am going to do that when I am older! she said.

Then we went to Shard which was expensive  (even though they were doing a deal with 2 kids free with every adult).  The view was amazing and I now want to go back in the day as in the dark it was hard to work out what was what!  I loved seeing the bends in the river and watching the trains coming and going from London Bridge. The girls loved the viewers which you could angle at the view and it would tell you what buildings were what! 

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