Saturday, 18 January 2014

Montessori Inspired Activities blog tour - bubble painting and marshmallow building

 Welcome to the Montessori Inspired Activities book tour!  I hope you have enjoyed reading what others have done!

I am sure like me, you love reading what other people do with their children -  it inspires and motivates me to try different things at home. I have, for a few years, enjoyed reading the blog of someone I have never met - her name is Jo and she is a British ex-pat living in Japan.
Her fab blog contains many of the Montessori activities that she does at home with her son. Many of the activities are done using everyday household equipment allowing her to buy a number of specialised key pieces of equipment for her son. Jo also runs My Organized Chaos, a course for parents to help them organise their home, their parenting and their mind so that they have more time for the fun stuff.
Jo believes that the Montessori method should be available to every child and has been clever enough to write a fab book containing much of the fun they did together.

The girls loved it - it kept them going for about 3/4 of an hour! In fact we turned it into a bit of science experiment - some paints work better than others - so G enjoyed trying out all the types of paint in the playroom to see!

 Then we did marshmallow building - food and science  - what is not to love!
Quote from G "I can't eat any more marshmallows. I am full!".

 We found triangles were stronger than rectangles and we did get 4 stories high before we ran out of cocktail sticks. This was fun for fine motor development, persistence and cooperation!  

There are lots of fab things to do in this book - it is so easy to dip in and out of.  I can't wait to be inspired by what others have done too! 

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