Saturday, 1 February 2014


We made two different kinds of slime as you can see. To make them you will need:

Simple Slime (the runner slime in the third photo)
Food colouring (optional)
Mixing bowl/roasting tin, or whatever takes your fancy/needs
spoons (optional)

Put approx ½ cup cornflour in the mixing bowl then add ¼ cup water. Mix, add a few drops of colouring. When blended ( or even before) get your hands in there and experience the odd properties of your slime. How can it be squeezed into a solid then turn back into liquid when you open your hands? Did you know you have created a Non-Newtonian Fluid (This liquid is a runny goo until you apply stress to it, and then it suddenly acts like a solid). 
Super slime (the firmer one in the top 2 photos)

White pva (use the children’s washable stuff.)
Food colour
Mixing bowl
Wooden spoon

Put approx ½ cup of the PVA into the bowl. Stir the glue and gradually add the cornflour, a little at a time, put in a few drops of food colouring and mix until it feels right. Too much cornflour makes a really dry mix so go easy when you’re pouring it in! Get your hands into the mix – if you haven’t already and watch it flow between your fingers, roll it and stretch it

 G loved it and was happily experimenting with the quantity of water and corn flour, as well as how to make it become solid and liquid. P was not so sure and kept asking me to wash her hands.
I have been reading how important messy play is for writing development as it helps children become aware of sensations in their hands. Plus it is really good fun, interesting and I love the feel of corn flour! 

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