Sunday, 9 August 2015

Blickling hall

Today we visited Blickling hall which is just over an hour and half from Cambridge.  This year it is celebrating 75 years of being in the care of the National Trust and so as we went went round the house we read the former owner Lord Lothian’s letters, saw his clothes, looked at his photos, studied his dinner party menus etc.  One of the highlights was the ladies in the kitchen cooking apple scones which we could try.  We then had a look round their gardens and enjoyed playing croquet and tree climbing.
Then we went for a walk around the estate which covers 5,000 acres including 950 acres of woodland and parkland, and 3,500 acres of farmland. There was a  Mausoleum built in 1794 in the shape of a large pyramid to house the remains of the 2nd Earl of Buckinghamshire and his two wives which was very strange.  We also enjoyed some ripe blackberries!  

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