Friday, 7 August 2015

London visit

Today we had a fab day out in glorious sunshine.  First we went to the Sky Garden which offers 360 degree views across the City of London in London’s highest public garden. I thought it was fab especially because it is free!  We wondered round for about 40 minutes (before the girls got bored) with me pointing out London landmarks and then left (there is an expensive cafe which we didn't bother with).

Then we enjoyed an amazing immersive theatre adventure inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.   We experienced Wonderland (wondering around under Waterloo) as a fully formed world where we had to find a missing Alice  through a gigantic zoetrope (the rabbit hole) to meet the White Rabbit, who offered shrinking potions, and sweets to make us change size; then into a psychedelic maze and finally, into the Mad Hatter's tea party.   The actors were fab - Tweedledum and Tweedledee recited The carpenter and the Walrus whilst blowing raspberries and spraying the audience with a plant spray; Humpty Dumpty invited us to tell him nonsense words, so he could give the meaning; the Queen of Hearts was pantomime Dame; and the white rabbit appeared at various points as we wondered round.   I could not have imagined a more fantastic adaptation of the story - i just want to go back and see the adult version. (pictures from inside the play stolen/borrowed from goggle)


Next we went to the Serpentine Pavilion (a temporary structure made of Iridescent plastic fabric and coloured webbing  - could we be back in Wonderland?) where we had a quick look before buying yummy ice-creams.

Lastly we spent a happy (and hot) 2 hours playing the Diana Memorial playground.  The highlight for the girls was the pirate ship and sand, where as I loved the musical instruments.

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