Sunday, 20 December 2015

December 20th - Visit Father Christmas

Today I took the small 2 to Lapland UK. It was about a an hour and three quarters from Cambridge. We had a magical time... right from when the girls found their invites on their car seats waiting for them to the moment we arrived!  They loved making the toys (I wish I put a Rudolph on our Christmas list because they were fab!) and the gingerbread.  The snow amused them... they both kept picking it up and saying "Well it's not real is it?".  We had late lunch in their cafe which was a little pricey but the food was child friendly. We then went ice-skating and P loved being whizzed around on a penguin by an elf. Then we looked in the shops and although we didn't buy anything pricey they loved being able to choose some sweets.  We also loved meeting Star and Susie the huskeys!  Then it was off to see Father Christmas and we even spotted his reindeer.

Yes it is expensive and no its not perfect... if you look for cracks you will find them!  But as multiple others have shown you cannot do this kind of thing for less!! I loved it and hope to back next year (whilst they are still little enough - even the big 2 want to come!  Best get saving!)

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