Sunday, 6 December 2015

December 6th - Ickworth's Christmas Sparkle.

Today was St. Nicholas Day so the Elf managed to hide in among some shoes with some chocolate goodies for the girls.
 We then went to Ickworth where Father Christmas is amazing!  They have had some problems with flooding so their grounds weren't as amazing as last year but I did love the topiary reindeer (he even had a red nose although I failed to get a photo of it lit up at night!)
 We enjoyed paper crafts!  I am so useless but lucky I and G were on hand to help P.

 Then we went downstairs to find Father Christmas.  We visited his bedroom - but the girls were disappointed not to make sweets this year!
 Father Christmas was amazing - he clearly loves Ickworth!  Well worth travelling to visit him!

We came home and read Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs.
(P loves this book and it is one she keeps coming back to)

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