Monday, 13 February 2017

London Eye and Wonderlab

We went on a day trip to London.

First at the request of E, we went on the London Eye. We didn't fast track tickets and so spent about an hour and half queueing!  However, once we finally made it on to the Eye we did have a good time and the girls enjoyed the views. It was a little hazy to the west but there were good views to the east.

Then we took the tube to the Science Museum. P is learning about space so we visited the Exploring Space gallery where we saw the full-sized replica of ‘Eagle’ – the lander that took astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin to the Moon in 1969. P enjoyed reading about how to live in space – to breathe, eat, drink and go to the toilet (E has decided not to be an astronaut any more due to the fact she may have to wear nappies in the space rocket!)

We also the saw the Soyuz TMA-19M descent module that brought Tim Peake back safely to Earth.
Then we went to floor two where we paid to visit Wonderlab - a space full of interactive science exhibits designed to inspire children. Everything in the gallery is designed to be played with or experimented on!  Highlights include the friction slides, biting on a metal prong to hear music vibrating directly into your brain and the Sip or Spray game where you sit opposite each other with a screen set up between you and have to press a button to choose whether to give your opponent a sip of water or spray them in the face. We also went to 2 live shows - one about electricity and the other about rockets! These are excellent and children (even Evie!) were called out from the audience to take part in the experiments and demonstrations. 
However, it was busy and we did have to queue to get in!

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