Friday, 5 August 2011

Flower Power at the Botanical Gardens

Today the girls went to Flower Power at the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge; described as "a summer festival in celebration of flowers".
First the girls went to a crown making workshop run by the Fairyland trust.  They made a beautiful crown from willow withies and acorn and hazel leaves. Then, with a little help, they added tissue paper copies of summer wildflowers whilst hearing about the fairy folklore associated with them.
On the main lawn they made a flower-inspired fizzy bath bomb to take home, saw inside a bee hive, made a badge, created a pretty hand print flower, made a lavender bag and a twine friendship bracelet.

They also enjoyed wondering around the garden; looking at dragon flies, climbing trees and playing on the stepping stones.


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  1. that looked like great fun. I just love the top photograph, fantastic shot!