Saturday, 13 August 2011

Natural History Musuem

Today we took another trip to London - this time to the Natural History Museum! It was very busy and we had to queue to get in (something I have never had to do before).  When we got there we booked tickets to see their Age of the Dinosaur Exhibition which was fab! It explained things very clearly for primary age children and some amazing fossils to see and touch.  It also had some amazing roaring animatronic dinosaurs which terrified poor little E. The highlight for me was the Archaeopteryx fossil. Also it never felt packed - you did have to prebook a timed ticked. However, there is arguably less material here than in the permanent exhibition (husband commented at the end "oh is that it") and so grownups without children might feel a bit like it has the bits they couldn't fit elsewhere in the museum.
We then had lunch in their downstairs picnic bit walking past a dodo (leading to a discussion about the impact of humans on the environment) and a picture of Mary Anning which E said "ohh we read a story about her".  We also enjoyed their Creepy Crawlies gallery and The Vault where we saw the 110.3-carat Cora Sun-Drop, the world’s largest-known vivid yellow pear-shape diamond. Then we went to another paid Exhibition - Sensational Butterflies. A tunnel where there were hundreds of different species flying around.This was the highlight for P and E.
We then finished by going to see the permanent dinosaur exhibition which felt packed!
Museumed out we walked through Hyde Park to the Princess Diana Memorial playground where the girls played happily for an hour and then went for a Chinese in China Town!

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