Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas gingerbread men and a visit to the "Real Father Christmas"

Today, with my parents up, Mum and I went to Scotsdales (a local garden centre). I bought some fairy lights and Mum bought a plant - but whilst we were there I took G and E to see Father Christmas who happened to be visiting! Miss I thought she was too grown up up to come! It was a very long queue (over an hour) but there were some things to look at to wile away the time! Then you get to on a little sleigh ride and finally you arrive to see Father Christmas! G said she wanted more dog toys and E said she wanted some more build-a-bear stuff! She was so confident and answered all of Father Christmas's questions - a change from last year where she hid!  Then you got to choose a present - they had a nice selection - cars, trains, pushchairs, craft kits! G choose some make-up and E choose a toy dog! There was a little boy in front who choose some play-food and his mum said "Are you sure you want that - it;s for girls" :( - grghhh to gender stereotyping!!! Miss E was so excited - she came out and told my mum "I have seen the real Father Christmas.".

Much to eveyone's delight we put up the lights:

 Today's challenge was to make and ice gingerbread men and ladies (and a cat! as made by my Dad)

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