Saturday, 31 December 2011

National Space Centre

Today we went to  It recommends you take 3 hours to look round - we spent at least 4 hours and could have spent longer, but luckily if you giftaid your entry fee you get free returns for a year. There was so much information about planets, stars, the big bang and space travel. There was lots of information boards for adults to read as well as lots of interactive computer games for the children. I think I and G found it better because they could read the computer screens, but there were some nice touches for E and P - for example they had a small play room with a few baby toys in and a worm hole (tunnel) to climb through! The cafe served nice reasonably priced food which we ate under a rocket! I said the best bit was Tranquillity base which had interactive space rides of which the best was an interactive 3D ride to Europa (although I didn't go on it was I was supervising the little ones because you needed to be 120 cm tall). G liked the free planetarium show about how astronomers find out about space.  I liked the dog space suit and a time line documenting the space race!.

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