Sunday, 1 January 2012

Ice Skating and New Years thoughts

Today we took the eldest 3 ice skating at an outdoor real ice rink. I and G got straight on the rink and set of confidently. I hung precariously onto the side. E had a plastic seal to sit/push along and the husband helped her. We all improved over the 45 minute session - I no longer needed the safety of something to hold onto, Miss I and G fell over lots but were confidently skating round at speed and even E managed a bit of "walking" on the ice! A great success!  It was a small rink so I was glad it was not too crowded and was very happy with the seal "Skate Assistant" because it meant one of us didn't have to worry about trying to stay upright and help E.

Every year I try and make a resolution - this year I am going to try and play with my children more ... I feel I often think of things for them to do but rarely actually play with them as I am too "busy" on Facebook or doing housework! I am also going to try and add some running to my weekly exercise. We'll see how long it lasts for!

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