Saturday, 28 January 2012

Big drawing

When things are on a larger scale it is often easier for little ones. I got a roll of white wallpaper and cut a length that filled most of the playroom and let P have free rein with her crayons and felt tips. It was very interesting to observe - she preferred the felt tips, have good fine motor skills to enable her to take off the lids (but not put them back on although she had a good try) and preferred to mark make round the edge and was very reluctant to go in the middle! E and G came to join her later and then had no trouble filling the middle
I think later we will turn the paper over and print on the back!


  1. Great idea! My son is a bit older, we draw roads for his cars to drive along. Felt tips must be much more satisfying for little onesn than crayons (although messier!)

    1. yes .. much easier to get a mark with