Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Scott Polar Musuem

Today the girls and I went to the Scott Polar museum. It is such a small museum but it has so many interesting things. As soon as you walk in the on the ceiling is a map of both the Arctic and the Antarctic which led us to discuss the differences and why a penguin would never meet a polar bear! As soon as we walked in a very friendly lady gave the girls a sheet about what you would pack on an adventure to the poles! This inspired them and they ran round the museum looking carefully for things. The real highlight of the museum is material dedicated to the expeditions to both poles during the last 3 centuries. There is the sleeping bag that Oates left as he set off on his finak jounrey, as well as actual food packaging and letters Scott wrote to this wife (the girls weren't so interested in this but I was - I may need to go back and read them properly!). The girls, especially I and G, were really inspired by Scott's heroism! Another highlight for the girls was a change to dress up in "proper" polar clothes! It really packs a lot in to such a little musuem - it isn't the most interactive child friendly musuem but it does mean it is best to do it in small chunks and return another day!

Then I felt I ought to continue their education and take them to see the Vermeer Exhibition at the Fitzwilliam. G was really unimpressed at this idea and said "I am not going to look at any paintings, just look at the floor". It was so busy - much busier than when I had been on my own which was a shame as it was hard for the girls to have a look. We looked at the three Vermeer paintings (even G) - I was impressed one was owned by the queen! and then a few of the others before P and E had had enough.

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