Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dec 14th - Post Christmas cards

The girls enjoyed posting Christmas cards to family and friends scattered round the country!

Today is also E's 4th birthday - I can't believe for 4 years she has filled our hearts with love and laughter. As soon as she wakes up she leaps in to bed for a cuddle - even if she does have cold cold feet :) and is always the first to cuddle P. She hates playing by herself - she will always bring things where everyone else is. She loves "the sisters" best of all and whatever they are doing she wants to be doing to and they are so good at letting her! Her bestest thing is being read to - she would happily share books with you all day. She loves ballet, pink and jewellery. She has just started to read! She loves "my Phoenix school" and everyday asks if it is a school day (and is disappointed if it is not!). She can ride a bike confidently and cycles to ballet lessons on a Saturday. She still hates walking any distance. She is completely crazy - often pulling a funny face or saying something which has everyone in stitches! E we are truly blessed to have you in our lives!

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