Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wellie Boot Printing

Ever since we have read the Gruffalo's child "Ahh Ohh prints in the snow!" I have been dying to get outside and make foot prints in the snow! Hum ho - I grew impatient waiting for snow so I decided to get some paint out and make foot prints that way! The girls loved it! For the first few moments I couldn't stop laughing as P kept looking at her wellies and then the marks she was making - she couldn't understand how it was happening. However soon E ran off to get hers and showed P what to do. P soon got the hang of standing in the baking tray to get more paint and then it was fingers ... she put her hands in the tray and did finger painting instead.

They had such fun! I would do it again but I would also have different coloured paints out to explore colour mixing. Also this will led on to other printing - I can see us having fun with cars, my little ponies etc etc!

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  1. Love this post! Being an impatient person I could see us resorting to paint aswell :) What a brilliant idea to use wellie boots!! The last time we did prints we ended up with very messy feet,fun, though boots would be much easier to clean up rather than wiggly feet x