Friday, 3 February 2012

cooking role play

Role play has always been something I have known is great for language development and making sense of the world as well as developing collaborative skills and just being great fun for the child - but I hate it! I feel too self-conscious. However, it is something I am trying to do more of. We do a lot of cooking, which all the girls love (especially when it is cakes and biscuits) - but I feel if we cook all the time I might end up the size of whale! so I decided this was one bit of role play it would be easy to do.
I bought P some lovely Lego cupcake bits which are fab - even I enjoys playing with them as well as some real kitchen equipment. They seem to come out most night after school - so I guess they are a hit. Even I have been getting into it - fantasy baking is great for the waist line!

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  1. Pretend cooking is great, but I feel self-conscious too! It's great watching little ones get so involved with it, but it isn't one of those games that they get on quietly with themselves, lots of audience participation is required!