Wednesday, 15 February 2012

trip wire training and standing in a queue for very long time (aka twilight at the musuems)

Catchy title hey! This morning I masking taped bits of wool on the landing at different heights as part of our spy themed activities - I then told the girls if they knocked them off they would trigger an alarm in a baddy base somewhere else and they were as good as dead! P wasn't great as this as she mostly liked to pull the wool off the wall! E and I really enjoyed it and had several attempts - I soon added elements to the game - such as if you knock a wire and it says on the wall you get a point but if you knock it and it comes off you get 2 points. G found it hard and soon gave up - no perseverance that child!

Then in the evening we went to twilight at the museums - we went only to 1 (the zoology museum) and stood in a large queue for about 45 minutes before getting in. From the husband's and my points of view was it worth it? NO - we stood in a long queue to see things we could see in the daytime with no queue; but the girls loved it and who wouldn't like wondered round a dark museum with glosticks (they were cross because I had forgotten the torch). But the museum wasn't busy and we completed the quiz and made funky angler fish crowns out of paper and a glostick!

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