Monday, 13 June 2016

#30dayswild Day 13: Flower Dissection

Today, due to rain, we stayed indoors. The girls looked at the parts of a flower. We identified the main part of the flower.

Beneath the petals, are the smooth, leaf-like projections called sepals.
The male part of the flower is called the stamen; there are usually multiple stamens on each flower.
The long stalk of the stamen is called the filament.
At the top of the filament is the anther, which holds pollen.
The female part of the flower is called the pistil.
At the top of the pistil is the stigma, which collects pollen and carries it down though its hollow body, called the style, to the ovary, where the pollen fertilizes the flower's eggs.

Then, using a magnifying glass, we looked carefully at each pollen grain and the petals.

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