Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Review of our May to do list

On the May to do list was:
  • Enjoy the May Bank holidays
We really did. For the first one, we all went to Audley End house and enjoyed their Grand Victorian Travelling Show.
For the second one, the husband and I went to the Lake District without the girls and they went to see Cats with their Grandparents!

  • Celebrate I being 14!!!!!!
She had a chocolate making party for some friends run by Chocolat Chocolat where they made truffles!


She enjoyed her presents - she got various things like clothes, stationary and a polariod camera.
  • Enjoy some day trips for half-term
This sadly is on hold as G managed to break her leg using a friend's Heelies - we will manage a trip to the hospital's out patients department!!!  Never mind :).

  • Do some spring crafts
I have been rubbish at this - I will put on next month and see if we do better!

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