Sunday, 8 December 2013

On the 8th day of Christmas my lovely children went to Ickworth

Today we visited Ickworth for their Christmas Sparkle event. You did have to pay extra (even as NT members) for the children but they did get to make sweets (they made coconut ice, make a mini-chocolate cake look like a Christmas pudding, and turned fondant icing into a snowman). Then we went into the craft room where there was a large choice of paper based activities such making a paper basket (for the sweets), a rocking robin, a Rudolf and a cracker. Then we went to see Father Christmas himself - he was fab. He told a story about a time he lost his glasses, answered questions and gave a gift. It is not a private audience but in a large group my children are less intimidated him.  Then we went for a short walk around the estate itself. 

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